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WHAT a week! - March 28, 2022

Please read the subject in your best Sophie/Donna Mamma Mia voice. Thank you. Such a good week :)

It started kind of rough though. We had to help the elders next door clean their apartment because they moved. This is no ordinary gross elder apartment. This is an apartment that has been lived in for over 10 YEARS by elders. So it's 10x as disgusting. Not a fun time.

We had the craziest district council I have ever been a part of. It was so fun. Everyone got so hyped up and wild. Good memories :) We also had Zone Conference and did about 50 million role plays and we were sitting in the front row so everyone and their MOTHER decided to listen in on all of them (APs, STLs, ZLs, PRESIDENT) Awesome.

We went to the Activity Day girls talent show!! They're so cute. But also me and Sister Smith have collectively decided that we are having at least one boy. All girls is not the move. It's decided.

After the talent show we had a church tour with Jocelyn and Leila! We showed them the baptismal font and they had such good questions! The goal is to put them on date next lesson we have with them. Buuuuut also on Sunday she texted and said she hopes she doesn't offend us, but she's going to another church. So cross your fingers and pray that we can keep meeting with them!

We helped someone paint inside their house! It was fun!! We also painted smiley faces on our shirts. We're so cute.

The elders had a baptism on Sunday, it was so cute!! After the confirmation both of the elders were totally bawling it was so tender.

We had dinner last night with the Allred's and McKayla (16) and I had a competition to see who can eat the most biscuits. I totally won. But apparently she wants to try again with potstickers. Good luck to her. But also! Still haven't gained weight!! So no need to fear, everyone. TSAM 40 is still at bay. I think that's the week! So fun!! Love you ALL! Sister Roberts pictures SNAKE! Smiley faces :) Us and our friend Franklin Me and McKayla and our biscuits We drew each other without looking isn't that cute We went to a lesson and they had a BOUNCY WATER SLIDE in their front yard someone get me a swimsuit

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