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Anzio Blake March 30, 2022

It's been awhile!

I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize a friend of mine, Franco.

The text below is a short summary of his story:

Franco has been taught for the last few years but has been stubborn about not being baptized. He dropped the last missionaries (which he deeply regrets) and when Anziano Smullin and I got to Caserta in December we ran into him. He wanted to meet with us and we started teaching him 1-2 principle lessons with him over the next 2 months. After sending him a text message at night, the next day he said "I know you are the Lord's messengers" the message we sent really impacted him. Later on, in the week he called us and said that "The Lord told me we have to meet today", so right away we met with him, outside, in the pouring rain. We talked and talked and I brought up baptism which he shot down immediately, we quickly moved on to the next topic. 5 minutes later I had an impression to ask him "what are all the reasons you have for not getting baptized" and I pushed it off to the side thinking to myself "we moved on from that topic and it would be weird to go back". Then I got that feeling again so I said to myself "If it came twice it's not from me" and I asked him. He said a quick reason then looked out into the distance and after a few seconds of silence he said "I will be Baptized". I gave him a chance to back out by saying "did you make that promise to me or to God" he said, "The Lord wants me to be baptized". Needless to say, Anziano Smullin and I were shocked. Anziano Marshall and I prepared him for baptism and now we are doing everything to get him to the temple to be baptized for his dad. He has a long way to go but with the Holy Ghost to guide him, I'm sure he will be alright. Seeing the lord work on Franco has been an incredible experience and only the lord could of made it happen.

TLDR: He got baptized because he felt like the Lord wanted him to, not because of the missionaries.

We had zone conference last week which was a lot of fun! The Campania zone is a new zone in the mission so that means it's a small but might zone :)

Enjoy the rest of your day! Here is the link for the pictures. Like always email me back with your news! (Note to those reading these from the website, feel free to email me with questions too! At

Have a great day!!


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