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Sister Saylor - Week 1

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I AM A MISSIONARY FOR JESUS CHRIST! It’s so sick. I am currently in training, which means I get to wear a black name tag 24/7 and read at least 132,000 words per day

Very few of you will actually read this and would rather look at the pictures, so here is a quick bullet point summary:


  • The Lord has revealed Himself to me EVERY SINGLE DAY

  • It takes 22 minutes to get ready every morning

  • I have zero desire to be on my phone anymore #blessings

  • I’ve left the house 2.5 times in the last 6 days

  • I’ve learned more about Jesus and his character in the last 6 days than I have in the last 20 years of my existence (binging the second season of the Chosen has contributed greatly)

  • The Ostermiller’s treat me like a missionary princess

  • Every MTC missionary writes in their emails that their district (the group of missionaries in their class while they’re in missionary training) is the best, but I am happy to inform you that this is finally true- my district is likely to be the most divine of them all

  • My companion, Sister Strong, walked right out the gates of Heaven to be with me! She is better than I prayed for and one of my absolute favorite parts of each day is when we end our night Facetiming each other

  • Despite being consecrated to the Lord and the gospel, I still have the biggest, fattest crush on Peter Pan from the 2003 live action

You guys. You need to understand just how much Heavenly Father wants to talk to you! HE IS EAGERLY WAITING TO HEAR YOUR VOICE!! Sister Strong and I taught two men how to pray this week, and I invite you to take some time to look at the basics. Talking to God can be as personal or formal as you desire- He just wants to hear your heart! (Psalms 116:2 = my fav Old Testament verse!)

I promise you: if you reach out, He is already reaching back

If you read this far, you have extra blessings in store (kinda kidding). I LOVE GOD AND JESUS AND ALL OF YOU

Sister Saylor


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