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Sister Roberts - April 4, 2022

Hola hola y'all!

This week had some quality email content, lemme tell ya.

Tuesday we had exchanges! I stayed in this area and Sister Richardson came here. We had a BLAST! Not much crazy missionary work stories, but we laughed a ton. It was fun!

On Wednesday we had a woman we were teaching ask for a priesthood blessing. Long story short, her ex-boyfriend's sidechick hit her with plywood and made her blind, and now her ex-boyfriend is casting demons into skulls in his closet and has a voodoo doll of her and put a spell on her. Her ex-boyfriend is also meeting with elders on the other side of town and is on baptismal date, so we don't know what's what. But anyways, since she is cursed, she wants a blessing. I kid you not, that was the absolute best blessing I have ever heard. The words spoken and way it was worded was sooo cool. She had the AUDACITY to tell us that we need to avoid those elders at all costs and stop associating with them because in her own words, "During the blessing I just got this feeling that he was not the one speaking and there is something inside of him. I will be praying for y'all. Please try to avoid him. I fear the elders have been infiltrated." So that's cool. Elder Kelley is not himself apparently. Side note; he's probably the most spiritual coolest elder I've ever met. He's awesome and most definitely not possessed.

We celebrated my district leader's birthday at district council and surprised him with cascarones. Fiesta is a huge celebration here and people get these Easter eggs that just have confetti in them (cascarones) and smash them on each other's heads and go crazy. It's awesome. So happy birthday to Elder Nisbet.

We met this cool blind guy Franklin. Not much to tell about him yet, just that he's got some fun stories about his ex-wife.

General Conference was so good!! Sooo much emphasis on missionary work! Crazy ahah that's me!! Missionary work is awesome. 10/10 WOULD recommend Elder Stevenson's talk on the whole Love, Share, Invite idea. It's so easy and so rewarding!! I will include some of my favorite quotes at the bottom.

One last thing, my companion is an ASL missionary so we went to an interpreted session of Conference on Saturday morning and I got to dust off my ASL! It was so much fun!! Also Deaf people are seriously the funniest ever. SUCH good senses of humor. But also please pray for me that I can have the gift of tongues (fingers??) on this one.

  • "[during trials] our strength is being tested, not the Lord's."

  • "Now more than ever, we need the peace only He can bring

  • "Don't get angry with God, get close to God."

  • "Conversion won't come while doing nothing.

  • "Let good things begin with you."

  • "Peacemakers are not passive, they are persuasive in the Savior's way."

  • "The gospel is the only enduring solution for peace."

  • "Can not boundary lines exist, without becoming battle lines?"

Okay sorry this is the longest email ever!! But so much happened and conference was soooo good. Thanks for getting to the end :) and if you just scrolled to the end for pictures, welcome to the email :)

Sister Roberts

Pictures for those who scrolled to the bottom

Poor Nisbet got sick and his dear companion sent us a picture

Cascarones attack (x2)

Pretty sunset

Elder Garten took my phone during General Conference and took a selfie and picture of Elder Kelley (x2)

We did weekly planning at a playground :)


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