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Sister Roberts - 2/28/2023

WOW what a good week! It was awesome I just love being a missionary. So many good things happening! 

This morning we got to go through the temple, how amazing! I love Jesus Christ, He has really given us so much! We have access to so many blessings and amazing things in store for us, please please be obedient! Love God! Do all the good things!

We had zone conference this week, our training went well! We got to talk about the temple and the symbolism of the San Antonio temple, it's incredible! I love it so much, definitely a hidden gem of the world!

In zone conference we talked a lot about the temple and preparing ourselves. What a sacred blessing it is to have a temple in my mission! It really is a beacon of hope, it's great.   

We had two exchanges this week, with two of my old companions! 

Started strong with Sister Doane after zone conference. I love her a lot. It's comforting to talk about home and get all of the feelings amd ideas and thoughts out. We worked hard, had fun, missionary work happened. 

Also had an exchange with Sister Richardson, she's awesome! We are soooo busy in this area so we jam packed our day with visits and stop bys. I love the work. It's good stuff. 

I'm sure more happened this week but I am so bad at remembering, so that's all you get! Just trying to soak it all up and have no regrets. This should be a good quick week, see yall soon!

Life is good  !!!


Sister Roberts

Sister Doane and John and Sister Ashbaugh ❤️

Our friend Lee, a selfie king 👑

Deerfield !

Not today Satan 

Sister Richardson 🤳🏿

Me and Sister Farrimond at the temple today

The district at the temple !! 👯‍♂️

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