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Sister Roberts - 2/20/2023

This was a fun week! We got to welcome in the new missionaries, I just love them all so much!! We went to the Alamo, passed out a few copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets and had a good time. They're on fire!! We also got to take them to the temple and did some training and good meals. It was so fun!! It was a cool full circle moment for me, going from my first day at the Alamo, to now me going into my last transfer. It was a good reflection time! 

I just loved being with the new missionaries. They have so much energy and excitement for the work, I loved it! 

New transfer has started, me and Sister Farrimond are working so hard, and getting lots of stuff done. It's been so good so far! We had 9 people at church, which is the highest it's been here in a while! We invited everyone for my two talks on Sunday, and then I didn't even speak in one ward, and in the one I did speak in, they showed up 40 minutes late and missed it. But they came to church!! 

Our friend Star continues to progress, but has told us she wants to wait a year before being baptized now. We're definitely working on helping her understand, and work on a goal. Kind of sad news, but happy for her still wanting to be baptized! 

Kind of a quick update, but it was a good week! It flew by. Very busy stuff

We also saw a man peeing on a dumpster 🙃

All is well here in SATX :) 

Have a good week! 


Sister Roberts 

Me and Sister farrimond took ZERO pictures :(All the new missiomary pictures!

Here is me and Sister Fillmore at the alamo! 🤠 And me and the sisters I went street contacting with 🙈🙉🙊

Them at the temple and the Alamo Me and the Fitzgeralds :)

I just love Samsung photos 😍😍😍😍😍

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