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Elder Ziebarth - 5/15/2023

The First weeks of the transfers are always slow. This week we got wrecked haha. So I'm opening a new sector and we showed up and it's a tiny little ward with probably 25 women and 5 men as active members. But this week we just kinda walked into the sector with nothing so we just started knocking doors with absolutely no success this week. Which is really unusual. But it's fine we push forward as always. And it's been good for my comp he showed up here sad because he got in trouble last transfer and didn't want to help because he's "junior comp". But now he's crazier than me and he's holding the phone so we got my guy worrkkiinggg. But the mission is good. There is always the hard moments and hard thoughts missing people in my life, regretting choices and things I've done. But then I just think about how Jesus had nails hammered into his hands and feet and suffered every pain there is so that i can be forgiven. And then I realize what I do is easy. Love you all

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