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Elder Ziebarth - 5/1/2023

My p day got switched this week so that's why I'm sending it on tuesday. But Chile is switching into winter and boy it's cold here. People say that it hasn't even started yet and it's cold. It also rained this week and some of the streets turned into lakes. But we have seen miracles from staying out of the house still. On Saturday elder porter did the dishes for some members so I got a photo. While I took the photo he was saying "take a photo and enjoy it because you are not gonna see this again." So we will see. We also get transfers this week so lets hope I stay here!. I can truly say my Savior lives and through him comes hope. And that following him brings light to my days. And that when you humble yourself he will change you. I challenge you all to find that change in your life. Love you all 

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