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Elder Ziebarth - 4/24/2023

Sorry bros I missed last week but I still live. It's just when it comes to writing these emails I have no idea what I have even done. But this week was crazy. We saved a girl who almost got kidnapped by a group of guys that jumped out of their car and we were right there to run up and help her. God has his perfect timing. Especially since me and elder porter are two 200 pound gringos. Luckily we didn't have to fight or anything, they just ran off. But she is good :). Batman voice "i did what i had to do" also this week I had one of the most weird, awkward experiences going into this ladies house for the first time to meet her husband and she brought us into a message room to like sit down and me and elder porter started dying of laughter and had to explain to her why we were laughing and why we had to leave because her husband was not home. It was a rough time but its all about the experience. But the week was good i love you all!

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