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Elder Ziebarth - 4/10/2023

Well this week was one for the Books. It was about the same as every other week but it was freaking sick. First off I finally got bit by a dog. I always wondered what it was like to have one of those angry boys clamp on to my leg. The miracle is Somehow it did not break skin so I'm chilling. the funny thing is it came up from behind and bit me and I turned around about to kill the thing and there was this super innocent looking grandma sitting there just staring at me. Backstabbin dog=1 elder Z=0. this week me and my comp have been sick the whole time so the days have been a lot more lazy. but we still went out everyday even though we both didn't want to and we saw some miracles. Lots of familias. And Now I can use my beautiful subjuntive spanish to win the hearts of them. So its been fun. Alright I'm done typing. But my challenge for this week is to do one act of service for a person everyday.

Love you all.

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