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Elder Orgill - 9/26/22

Buenos días my people! This week was sick! After a ton of hard work and stress, our friend Angel David was able to enter the waters of baptism! We woke up at 3:30 to fill up the baptism font, and realized that the hermanas misioneras left the water in. We almost didn't make it, but with one minute left we filled up that font and Angel made a covenant with God. I was also able to confirm him a member the next day in church, a super special experience. This week I also gave my first baptism interview to a lady named Yury. She was really prepared so she passed with flying colors! We also helped the hermanas out with the baptism, the night before Angel's baptism haha.     

This week we found 12 new people just knocking doors! It doesn't always work, but we have seen some success. One guy we taught this week was Camilo, his wife Camila, and their son (whose name is probably Cameron or something). They are progressing really fast, we watched the Joseph Smith first vision video with them and they gave us juice. We had our last family home evening with Angel and the Cifuentes family, and squeezed in all of the remaining commandments for Angel!  

   From walking up and down hills every day, my shoes blew up on me and the sole broke in half. I bought some black electrical tape and fixed em up, so all good now.

I had a great week, hope you all go out and help the missionaries in your ward, they would really appreciate it! Bye

-Elder Orgill

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