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Sister Johnson - week 1

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Guess what? I still LOVE being a missionary! The MTC is better than I could have imagined. The spirit is so strong here and there is a certain feel here that I just love. The spirit truly resides here... it's awesome! It is so cool that anywhere on campus people are just talking about Christ and bearing their testimony. So powerful to have this many people in one place trying to be like Christ. 

 My district is even better in person! We all get along so well and love spending time together. Being with them is just a blast! Which is good because we spend a lot of time together. They are like the funniest, most spiritual/insightful, down to earth, people ever. Everyday someone new surprises me and we will totally bond over anything and everything. Even though towards the end of zoom MTC I was really sick of it, I am really grateful for it now because we immediately started having a blast from day one. It is so fun to learn and grow together, there really is nothing like it.

Like I said the Spirit's presence here is insane. Especially when you are feeling the spirit with 12 of your besties. We had an awesome opportunity to find people around campus, introduce ourselves, and share a scripture from the Book of Mormon. It was really eye opening. Talking to random people is not as hard as I thought. It is becoming more and more natural to talk to people about the gospel, and honestly, it is really fun. We now have like 10 random friends that we bonded with and had some awesome spiritual moments with. 

Last night we had a mini testimony meeting about the atonement of Christ and it was hands down the most powerful experience I have had here thus far. There is something about the spirit that really bonds people so well. I also definitely broke the cry barrier ( I cried first). I just want each of you to know that I know that the savior loves you all. I know that he lives and that because of him sadness is temporary. 

Something that made me happy this week was dress slacks! Pants are the!

I love you all! have the best week you have ever had. 

Love Sister Johnson

P.S. Shout out to my bestie in the district Elder Williams😎

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