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Elder Orgill - 4/17/2023

Hey guys! This week the transfers came and went fast. All the elders are in their new areas, except one. We have been on emergency exchanges for a few days with Elder Williams, long story short, my mission son, Lopez, is not acting how a missionary should act and we had to step in and rescue Williams from his house. We'll see what happens after he talks to President, and we do another exchange with him!      

The title? We got robbed jaja. First time in my life, another thing off the list. We were walking on a main street in the morning in a sketchy area called patio bonito for a district meeting. Two dudes on bikes surrounded us, pulled a fat knife on me and told me not to do anything estupido. Now we don't have a phone anymore! I had always thought that when we got robbed, I would be a hero or something, but all I did was almost pee my pants. Fun experience.      

This week we have been trying to figure out how to manage such a big area and get to know all of the other elders' investigadores! We've taken a lot of buses and got lost a few times, but we are learning fast! One of the other elders' investigadores got up in church and bore her testimony of how Joseph Smith told her in a dream that she would one day be a great prophet. We are going to meet with her soon and try to help her understand how revelation works.      

We have been focusing a lot on finding the "platanos maduros" (ripe plantains) or people that are actually ready to progress and learn! We have been finding a ton of people that aren't married or don't want to read the scriptures, and we have realized that our time would be better used on people that are ready to make changes in their lives. I have been learning in the mission that the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly changes lives, and through it we can find a lot of joy. Go repent and be happy, amen 

-Elder Orgill

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