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Elder Orgill - 3/27/2023

     ¿Quiubo pues? My hermanito Kai opened his mission call, I saw it through zoom! He read, "Elder Orgill, you are assigned to labor in the Peru Argentina mission!" I was a little confused until they told us that it was the Perú Arequipa mission! I'm so excited for him, he's such a stud and going to be such a good missionary.


     Our two friends, Ariadne and Angely, were interviewed, baptized, and confirmed these past few days, it was an incredible experience to see them progress! We tried our best to organize the baptism as good as a sister missionary would, but it was impossible jaja. The font water came out green, we bought the wrong letters for the "bienvenidos" (welcome) balloons, and everybody showed up super late. We bought blue fold coloring for the water, had balloons spell out a made-up word "baenvemidos", and enjoyed the baptism!


     We had intercambios with the Elders of Libertad 1, I was with Zirker! That day every single lesson canceled, and we had to call/street contact all day. We learned a lot of patience and had a lot of fun!


     I've been sick all week, it's amazing what a blessing and some Dayquil can do!


   I cut all the Elders hair this week. I have am actually pretty decent at giving fades! I charge ten thousand pesos, hit me up.


    Super excited for General conference coming up this next week, it will be my last one in the mission! I invite all of you to write down some deep questions and know that they will be answered this weekend! Love you guys, see yall in a few.

Elder Orgill

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