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Elder Orgill - 4/10/2023

Updated: May 7, 2023

   Good week with a lot of important events!! I turned 20, thanks for the birthday wishes! I made some birthday pancakes in the morning and the pensionista made us like 100 empanadas at night, so I ate pretty good. Also, my sister Brynn turned 16 but I told her that she can't go on any dates yet.


    We got the transfers; we are staying together. Due to all the new missionaries getting to Colombia, we thought that they were going to open up a few new areas in our already tiny zone. Instead, they just got rid of Libertad 1, putting us in charge of a massive area and leaving us a Zone of just 5 companionships 😂. Only God knows why!


     We baptized a little family, Anderson and his daughter Danna! They were both so prepared, we've been teaching them for like two months. Anderson's girlfriend helped us set up the whole baptism, and the font water didn't come out as green this time! God exists. Almost Anderson's entire non-member family came to support them! In his testimony after his baptism, he almost made me cry when he bore his testimony on the BOM and how he came to know that it was the true church. Anderson’s mom also chose to speak and told the whole crowd that she wanted to get baptized too, such a great day!


   We are starting to teach like two different niños that are kids of less active family. We are going to see if we can activate the families through their children!


     Semana Santa (holy week) is kind of crazy here in Colombia, most people went on vacations for a few days, and the remaining Catholics had big parades all week! It was cool seeing people remember Christ and his atonement, even if it was just a few days. Thanks for reading my email, see yall next week!

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