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Elder Orgill - 3/20/2023

Happy Monday! How yall been? It’s still weird every time I speak English with my parents every week. We have been teaching this guy named Fercho in English because he's studying English and speaks really well! I have realized that I can't teach in my native language for the life of me. I don't know what I am going to do when the missionaries back home invite me to a lesson, and I can only teach in Spanish haha.


     We are now teaching our friend Anderson and his whole family! We believe that they are going to get baptized in a few weeks, so awesome. His girlfriend is the primary president of a different stake, she calls him, and they read the scriptures and pray every night!! He is progressing so fast and last night he told us that he wanted to get sealed with her in the temple!!


    One guy we met is called Richard, he has schizophrenia and tells us about all his crazy visions and what the wall people tell him. He really wants to change; we were able to teach him about repentance and give him a bunch of goals!


    The ward secretary is a beast and compiled a giant list for us of all of the less active families in the ward! We have visited a few of them and let’s just say that there is a reason for most of them being less active haha. We also found the original area book binder under a closet from like 6 years ago! We have been calling a ton, not all the numbers still work, but some have been answering.


    I bought some sketchy Colombian dumbbells and a bar off some guy on Facebook, time to get buff!

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