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Elder Orgill - 2/27/2023

     Sup guys! I'll start off with a quick update of the people that are progressing. 

-Our friend Anderson was a reference from the primary president of a different stake (his girlfriend). She calls him every night and they read the scriptures and pray together! He is progressing insanely fast. He even told us that he knows 100% that the Church of Jesus Christ is the true church, which made us crazy happy! We just started teaching his daughter and mom too! He'll probably get baptized very soon.


 -We are teaching a kid named Dilan Santiago, who is the son of the recently baptized convert Diana! I really don't like teaching kids, but this little grom is actually paying attention and learning fast.


The title? One day we were let down twice when it came to food from members. Like we got there, and they forgot that they had signed up to feed us. I was sad. God made up for it the next day because not only did the pensionista make us Mexican food, but an investigator took us out to a fancy restaurant and I got Mexican food again. When I went to bed that night, I was so happy (my stomach wasn't).


     My companion made an international call to Peru and they cut our data out for like 5 days as punishment. It was interesting seeing how the mission was in the time of my dad, without phones. Smartphones make the mission a lot easier, but it's funny seeing how dependent we are on technology!


     We filmed a video as a zone, they made me, and my companion dress up as gangsters and offer drugs to people. We couldn't stop laughing so it took a while jaja.


     This is my companion Elder Sopan's last week in the mission (just six more days Orgill, you can do this!). I've learned a lot from him, and I hope he has learned from me too. We're going to work super hard and finish strong. The mission has gone by really fast, wow.



Elder Orgill

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