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Elder Orgill - 2/13/2023

What's up homies?

Another week flew by! We are preparing our three friends, Diana, Paola, and Aleida for their baptisms on February 18th! All three have their individual problems and difficulties, Satan has been testing their faith, especially as they get closer to baptism. Siempre pasa. We also had to drop a few baptism dates because they just don't have time or want to progress!       

Apparently, Colombia is going to have a ton of riots and protests until the current President is thrown out of office. And I thought the states were bad! I have no idea if they are going to make us stay home when if it gets bad, I'll keep you guys updated. They encouraged us to buy a lot of emergency food.  I dropped a ton of pesos and bought a bunch of expensive, name brand American frosted flakes. We will survive for a little bit.    

The other Elders organized a big soccer tournament at the church last Saturday and a ton of kids showed up! They shared a spiritual thought at the beginning and luckily nobody got into a fight during the games!! Honestly, fútbol is one of the best ways to get to know these kids.      

My companion and I are working hard. He has a lot of family problems going on back home, and really struggles with technology usage. I have learned a ton of patience with him.  I honestly didn't even know what that word meant before the mission! Patience is the ability to support problems, delays, opposition, and suffering without getting frustrated or angry. Christ was the perfect example of this. Patience is one of the most important Christlike attributes, and something that I really strive to have. Thanks for reading my email, bye.


Elder Orgill

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