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Elder Orgill - 1/30/2023

Quiubo pues papá? Me and my new companion Elder Sopan are getting along good and working super hard! He's having a lot of family problems back at home, some prayers would be appreciated 🙏🏼. This will most likely be his last transfer in the field, so I will see him die as a missionary. He's funny and likes to freestyle rap about God! Kinda weird but whatever jaja.


     We went to the temple with the ward super early in the morning a few days ago, it was incredible. A few members had some family names, so they asked us to do an endowment session for them. It was so cool experiencing it for the first time in Spanish, the same spirit is felt there! The Bogotá temple is one of the smallest temples in the world (as far as I know). We had to take a two-hour bus ride back home through the entirety of Bogotá, fun stuff.


     We gave out two more baptism dates this week, to our friends Cristian and Aleida! We found Aleida like two weeks ago when she randomly walked into the church! She's got a ton of financial problems but says that our messages have brought a lot of peace to her home. Cristian is a little weird but has a lot of faith! We are excited for all of these people that are progressing so fast, the mission is so bacano (awesome).


   We have tried some new ways to find new people, for example finally using Facebook. Let's just say that a lot of women respond to my messages, but not a lot are actually interested in the gospel haha. We also have been getting a lot of references from the members, so the work has been a little better. That's pretty much how my week went, amen.


Random facts:


- One of my best friends got engaged back home without my permission (you know who you are)


- Talked to a Asian person for the first time in like a year and a half


- Forgot to pay our bills last month, we learned the hard way that we need to be more responsible 

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