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Elder Orgill - 2/6/2023

Hey! I'm still here in Bogotá, Colombia, with a companion from Peru named Elder Sopan. I'd like to start off my email with a cool experience! When I first got to the mission, and for my first six months in Kennedy, we taught a family, Wilson and Claudia. Wilson had a strong testimony and easily got baptized. Claudia on the other hand was always super stubborn and never wanted to! Fast forward to more than a year later- I just saw a picture of Claudia in her baptism clothes back in Kennedy! I was so happy when I saw that, it shows me that truly no effort goes to waste. Some seeds take longer to grow!! The assistants cane down to visit us for the weekend, we are in a trio with the homie Elder Araujo!      

We had a "multizona" with Presidente Becerra of the Area. He gave us an insane four-hour training, we learned so much about true repentance, how to teach more effectively, and how to work with the members! The training was jack-packed with revelation, I felt the spirit so strong!It was also cool to see my buddies that are serving in other areas.      Some of our friends that have been progressing like crazy just have stopped responding to us. I feel like when people get close to baptism, Satan works even harder to knock them down. It's really sad de hecho :( . 

We will keep showing up to their houses, sending them messages, showing them that we care. We are teaching a few new people we have found; the problem is that none of them are married. The law of chastity has become one of the most common lessons jaja 😂 Random facts:- We locked our keys in the house, the apartment janitor had to break the top glass and use a broom to pop the door open -Two guys got in a fight right in front of us, after it finished, we somehow contacted them and got their numbers -Sorry I don't really have any more nature pictures in my email, there is no nature here haha and if I took my phone out in public I would get robbed 

-Spiritual part-      

Really quick I'd really like to share about a topic I have been studying, repentance! In Presidente Becerra's training he said that "confession alone in not repentance". It's so true! Repentance is a process with a ton of steps. When we repent, instead of just following all the steps just to get it over with, we need to have a true change of heart! Repentance has honestly changed my life and the lives of the people we have taught. I know that only through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can repent and be with our families forever in heaven! What a beautiful promise 

-Elder Orgill

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