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Elder Orgill - 11/7/22

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

What's up?     

Still going strong out here in bogotá. My Mom says that when I speak English I have an accent, fun stuff. 

We had some cool lessons this week! I'll start off with Fabian. He is the son of a lady we are teaching named Sandra, and finally he joined us in a visit! He asked us what makes our church different from the rest, and we thoroughly explained the Restauration. He then started to ask us a ton of questions, ranging from "Where are the Gold Plates?" to "Tell me about baptisms for the dead" to "Did my Chatholic baptism as a baby count?". He truly wanted to know the answers and we were able to help him with almost all of them!! It was such a sick experience.     

Another lady we taught is named Paola. She has cancer and is really weak due to the chemotherapy they give her every few days. We were able to teach her about faith and the Book of Mormon!! It's cool how sometimes we need to face a trial to start to look for God, he will always be waiting for us with open arms!     

The recent convert John Camacho is preparing to receive the priesthood, we have been helping him every few days so that he understands the importance of that sacred responsibility!    

It has been raining every single day, I barely have time to dry one pair of shoes before the other one gets soaked.   

Food update: I still have no idea how to cook, this morning my companion made Peruvian fried chicken with flour and oatmeal! So good. I really like pig meat and cow hearts! I am learning to eat and enjoy all the weird parts of animals that we never even think of eating in the states.   

Thank you for reading my email, sorry I didn't take many pictures this week. Bye bye

-Elder Orgill

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