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Elder Balzer - 8/14/2023

Yeah, yesterday we were talking with this guy who wants to learn more about Christianity and set up a time to meet again, buy after going to the next door the one next to it slowly opens. We know who it is and he's marked red in our notes, crazy guy Jimmy. He let us and we mistakenly went in, trying to make small talk, but he just laughing creepily and I'm just looking around at the saws that are spread across the room. I'm mouthing 'run' to my comp, the spirit is just screaming at me to get out,  and so we quickly got out of there. 🏃‍♂️ 

Another good week regardless of dudes that might want to wear my skin. 

Our friends are doing nice, Katherine is doing well and we're working really well with her. 

Joash is having some little things that are making his baptism not so smooth, but we're trying hard and working with it. I'm going into 'get crap done' mode and he will be ready. 

We helped our hindi Mrs Miyagi, with some service and cleaning up her drawers. It was a small infestation of bugs within those packed drawers, but it brought back memories of waging war on ants invading my home. Good times, well kinda good, you know what I mean. 

The weather is being bi-polar as usual, but through it all I've seen some cool miracles. 

We were going to visit some members and I felt we should visit them later and it worked out amazingly. Their kids were visiting to celebrate a birthday and they are a family from the Clifton ward. So I got to have an awesome reunion with the Hornes and it was an amazing time. 

Our members are pretty fun and we are doing a lot more with them. One, Max Andersen, joined us for some late night missionary work which was cool; he had served a mission before and he really liked being able to do it again and talk about it. 

Going to new places and seeing some new things. We're going to he working on getting metro cards to make life a lot easier for busy days. This week's going to be jammed packed. So I'm excited. Alright peace out.

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