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Elder Balzer - 5/29/2023

What up, how have you been?

I've been well over here, just dealing with peculiar circumstances and new situations everyday. Ever tackled weeds have your size, shovled clay in the mines, smashed stuff with a sledgehammer while getting sliced by glass, walked everywhere, gone a few days with peculiar meal times, then crunch miles cause of a lower limit than expected, yeah neither have I till this week. 

It's just been a week of services to say the least from myself and help I've received. 

I bet you're wondering how I got there, well it's a long story and it all started on Monday. I taught our old friend Daniel and really laid it on thick that he needs to come to church and listen to the Book of Mormon(he can't read). Then it was spy time, cause the Sao family has disappeared and we need to know more about it. After staking out the house and knocking it, we went down to where DeShawn works to see if he's still here. He is, but we just missed him and so to not look suspicious we got a nice pizza dinner. 

Tuesday was weed fighting  Day cause we went over to sister Tandy's house to finish up  Most of her front yard and cleaning it up for people to do the last touches the later that week so we helped her out it was really nice and afterwards we ran into brother Edwards while driving away so that was really cool it was just work in the colonel's house pretty much next door but we kept going before giving the car to the other elders for the afternoon  Cause they drive far down to their lessons or up to the stake center and when we don't really need it we just give it to them for a few times a week and so we were walking around the Walmart up in the top of our area and destroy contact in people and we met a couple cool people then before walking back.  In the meantime the other elders were driving back and ran into Ernest and started teaching him again and set up a time For us to meet with him next week they ran him twice this week always in the afternoon when they borrow the car and it's really cool cause they just finish up some contacts we have but it's really cool ashes there's 4 elders contacting Ernest.  The evening was really cool because we went down to the trailer park next to the square to get in touch with some of the people there and we did we got talking with the members there one of them was still really nice really political and while we were talking to her we were both just slowly looking over at the news that was right behind her And just crazy things were happening it looked like a chapter from revelations was going  Down and it was really funny to look at and talk about after.  It was like weird anti-religious stuff and targets and the dodgers are doing weird things it was just crazy. 

 Wednesday was awesome because we had restore service in the morning and it was just smashing stuff with a sledgehammer the entire time it was magical we all just had sledgehammers and weapons just destroying all dressers and things like that.  Really nice and just super satisfying but in the process gotta look carried away and there is one of the hammers was broken so it was just the head part and so we took turns using that and I used it and smashed a glass panel that the others were trying to stab and just cut up my wrist a little bad but I didn't even notice until the others went oh my goodness look at your wrist It is just covered in blood.  It's all fine now and there was a awesome miracle because while we were smashing a big dresser elder Chandler took his turn with the hammer piece and threw it like Thor cause it was kind of funny and cool and it's flew fast and bounced right off of the wood and just flew right past my leg centimeters from Man I just stood there frozen along with the others our mouths open.  My leg was almost shattered in the pieces I wouldn't even I almost wasn't able to write this email I would have been home right then and there from a destroyed lake but by God's grace I'm still here and more miracles happened. After district council and  The zone meeting we had exchanges with the Huntley elders and I was with elder Turner.  We worked our area around fordson road and the square and talked to a lot of people and we're both Having a lot of fun together and there's a lot of cool things I learned from other Turners well that I'd forgotten because with time you learned so much some things get forgotten so it's just cool and we'd used all the things we had practice in district council as well.  I'm a learner I love learning and seeing all other people like to do things and I slowly add it to what I do; I'm partly in amalgamation of all I've been with and all I've seen, I just soak everything in like a sponge. 

 Thursday was a perfect timing dand they because we got in touch with everyone we had plans to see that day.  We started by going closer to the dumb Springs Glen apartments there a set of lockouts where some members are and it's really nice to do some studies in there because it's open cool rooms and it's quiet. Then we worked under the square to try and find some members there and knock the homes in that area and one really cool house had this huge cow statue in front of it with the Washington Nationals hat so I just knocked the door asking about it and it was the guy's daughter but still didn't really shave where it came from or why it's there but it's cool that he has a cow statue. We moved weekly planning to the afternoon cause the elders borrowed the car again and after we had them pick us up and we worked around the forts and road area stopping by mountain Vernon house seeing Eric and Patricia then sneaking over to Spring garden to talk to Ernest before heading back for dinner.  For the evening we worked around the walnuts near Washington Square and got gained up by a ton of kids asking about the Lord not making this up.  Then after talking to

 A cool member and a crazy lady we went to the Mount Vernon trail cause a lesson fell through and we had a long conversation with a lady there who was just having the worst stroke of luck in her life it was A Series of Unfortunate Events for her and Give her information if she wants to reach out but we hope it gets better for her cause things are tough and almost unbelievable in a way. 

 Friday morning we had an all mission zoom where we talked about baptism and the covenant we make there and the importance in blessings we receive from it and where our mind set needs to be around it for ourselves and for others we are trying to teach. Then in the rest of the morning We walked a huge circuit of Beacon hill and kwanda road and Richmond highway talking to the people along the way and Having a teaching but it was a strange circumstance where they were next to another church building where they go to and one was looking for trouble while the other guy wasn't interested, but very sincere. 

 For the afternoon and evening We start We started by going over to a referral who lived on Kenyan street and we worked in those town homes over there. The referral Was rude to say the least and we just left the stuff, but we ran Is into our cool friend Prince the mailman again and Invited him to church.  Then it was going over to the trail and working around the webbers on a street next to the parkway and we got to visit a part member family called the Hecks.  For the Rest of the day we worked in the square because we were going to have a dinner appointment with Louise and his family but he kind of goes to us in a sense and got busy so we just stayed  Working there for the rest of the night starved and tired before going home and having a late dinner.  The same thing happened the next day as well luis please is Lucky I'm a missionary at the moment and I love him so very much Because you don't tempt a man with the promise of a super nice Venezuelan dinner and not deliver. 

We were able to help a family move in and have a cool contact with them and offer a blessing. 

 Saturday we worked the minds behind brother Osipchaks house is house with the Other elders. I say mine's because it was just a whole under his porch that he has been working on And The dirt was just like hard clay that needed to be pick ax so we used shovels and started chipping away at it. Later we went to work outside the Mt Vernon to talk to people before moving up to hot the square. The same as Friday occurred. So to make a new plan we went to talk to a less active member we are trying to help out and back into things. He was cool and it busy working his backyard, he also had a pickaxe to help the mines. 

Sunday was different cause we changed at the church building and worked in the bottom of the area to save on miles cause he have a few left. We walked to filled our what we had of the afternoon and worked cherry Arms/square for the evening, but while doing it we found some crazy or really nice guy who just gave us pickels and water. I don't know what to say to that, but it happened. We also walked by the sisters when we were leaving our apartment which was really funny. 

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. I love using the mic to write now cause it saves my poor thumbs. 

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