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Elder Balzer - 5/8/2023

I hit big numbers this week with talking to people. I went on an exchange Friday and paired up with Elder Elison and we went to work. Talked to 103 💯 people(out of 167) that day and made a new friend for us to teach. It was a day of miracles earned, when you get to work then God has something to help with and can trust us with miracles. 

That exchange was awesome. For the other two they also mainly street contacted and walked all the way to the washington square, yeah they walked almost the entire length of the area and thankfully we were there to pick them up. We had moved over there cause something huge went down on Fordson Rd and cops were all over chasing down three guys who did something wrong. Our new friend who we are meeting later today is named Ernest. He's a cool guy from Liberia with family who are members. He is also the biggest guy I've met so far; no really, his biceps are watermelons and I can't stop starring. 

We dropped Rachael as a friend cause she was dragging her feet to progress harder than a boat anchor ⚓️ on the ocean floor. This happened on an exchange where Elder Wheeler joined us for the evening on Tuesday. I'm just gonna say that Tuesday was an emotionally taxing day, for Chandler that is. He had a really rough moment and so we talked all afternoon. He's doing a lot better now and we are talking to a lot more people now, as seen with Thursday. We also met a cool lady who talked about Michael Jackson with us, after taking a Book of Mormon, she loved Jesus and was sweet. 

Wednesday was absolutely insane and it came out of nowhere. I was having a completely normal personal study, getting ready for our day which looked great when all of a sudden we get a surprise call from Old Town. They need our help with service so I got saddled up and we went to pick them up and went to the square along with several spanish elders. I joined the spanish program as I was helping them out and joining a mission zoom with them. It took us just out of the zone to Falls Church where we unloaded the truck and got lunch with everyone thanks to the members. Spanish elders are built different as they are street contacting in the parking lot and inside the restaurant bathroom, it was awesome and I was almost leading people to a trap by sending them in with four elders waiting for them, haha. 

Later after district council, we worked in, shocker, the 🟨 for the evening talking to everyone. We were multitasking like crazy and in the process met soon to be friend Maria, who is awesome. Had a resto lesson and can meet anytime we meet in the 🟥, she has MS so she can't run from me. 

Thursday was Chandlers favorite day cause it was May 4th, aka Star Wars day. Everything was reported in a Star Wars way and it was fun with service, planning, and a member dinner where they were also fans so we celebrated the day. 

From what I remember those are the highlights of the week. I'm looking forward to this week cause it has zone conference and it's supposed to blow our mind. Granted they say that about everything for the mission, but I know it's gonna be good. 

Now here's some pictures that I know everyone mostly looks at anyway. I do it to so don't worry 😉 

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