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Elder Balzer - 4/24/2023

Sorry, but I got a little caught up with stuff today. I'm still going to give a couple cool points and send pictures. 

We've been doing a lot of service for the Russell's and Bro Edwards. 

We've got a couple referrals and set up a family history/temple work visit with an older lady. 

We've been reaching out to people who've met with missionaries in the past. More like hunting them really. Some are now better reported, cause they moved or aren't interested. 

There are some beautiful trails and areas here that we've been exploring. It can look like a rainforest. 

We talked to an archeologist and a crazy guy who though he was going to be the president. He was crazy, there's crazy, then there is Cccrrraazzyy. 

My buddy Bruce from Herndon, the cyclists, got baptized. I love that man so much and I've just been freaking out. 

A security guard was giving us a hard time so a member kn the area jump up to defend us and let him have it. 

I've eaten some cool Arabic snack that might have just been some bird food that this lady gave us. It was good so I can't complain. 

I also sang in stake conference, it was a whole musical part that we all prepared for. 

I'll put in more next week I promise, but these are things I'll give for now. Love you all.

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