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Elder Balzer - 4/17/2023

Not kidding, towards the end of the week we were in the Square, as usual, and when we were wrapping up from a knocking session. There weren't getting a lot of answers and Chandler was really down. There was a random bird chirping on a balcony and so to lighten the mood I just started talking with it, maybe I have lost my mind. Anyway I asked what door it wanted me to knock and as this was going on it flew down and moved towards a back door, it also said Timmy fell in the well. We went down to know the door and a lady answered and was super cool with us. She was interested in the message and took a Book of Mormon; she's also been reading and had liked it. 📚 

This has been a week of service, again. We've been helping the Russell's(Brother Russell almost died last week, it was crazy) with their yard again and the Ellis's with the doctors. Helping the Spanish Elders go to the stake center and then get theor bikes the next day. Working at ReStore. It's been really nice, it's been helping feel grateful for what I have and serve the area in a different ways. 

Scripture of the week. Mosiah 2:17

"17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

We're getting our singing voices ready for stake conference. All the missionaries in the zone are going to surprise the people by going up to sing a couple songs flash mob style. 🕺 

We've been walking more of the Mt Vernon trail along the parkway. During one of these we ran into Brother Osipchak and had a cool convo with them. The trail is so beautiful and especially during this time of year. Add that on top of the Member hunting we're doing for the ward, you can't escape from the missionaries, or me for that matter. 😉 

Rachael has just been super awesome and we had an amazing. We better understands the Holy Ghost, knows he's real, and wants to have a better connection with him, and have the good feeling. She knows prayer and scripture reading are tools and is actively doing them. She's shares a lot of stories of spiritual experiences that have prepared her for this. We went over the previous lessons again, and read over Alma 32 specifically the seed part. Rachael gave a cool analogy withher plant and how part of it took root and survived. The puzzle pieces are all being put into place, slowly, but surely. 

Finally the most fun I've had on the mission. First the Elders in the zone have started drinking from gallon jugs. So I one uped them and got a 5 gallon water container from service a have started drinking from that and even rigged a tube system in the car so I can be drinking while driving. It's awesome. 

Also a gave my first talk on the mission, 16 months in, and it was great. I talked about how the Book of Mormon is witness of the resurrected Christ. That topic, plus conference really soft balled it to me the missionary who teaches people this everyday. 

I made some knew friends this week. I'm affing them with The Rock and Luke Bryan. I met a lizard, George Washington, and Keanu Reaves. 

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