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Elder Balzer - 4/3/2023

A whole year later they put me back here so I'm able to help the Huntley Meadows A Elders and introduce people back to them. We went on an exchange Thursday and there was a lesson with Grace set up. We taught and she's back on date again tonbe baptized this month. You can't escape Grace, and now after all the waiting it's finally time. 

I'm just writing the big fun events. 

Route 1 was basically shut down for a couple days cause a woman barricaded herself in her car while threatening to shoot herself. It all went down while we were at service with the Spanish Elders cause we tried to leave, but faced the worst enemy of urban living, traffic. It was nasty, but I learned how to snake my way through side streets and service roads whole crossing a completely empty highway. It eventually got resolved and no-one was hurt thankfully. 

We helped the Russell's finish moving stuff out of the moldy basement and got a conference session planned with Brother Russell. I've been loving the amount of service I've gotten to do here in Mt Vernon. 

We've been dealing with more sickness cause Elder Chandler has just been getting everything. 

Apparently there's also been a bug going around th mission and that's what got him sick last time. 

Being sicker than a snicker is never fun. 

We met Sister Petrenko whose by far the greatest missionary I've ever met. She has a yearly baptism goal and a whole list of people that she's trying to help. She does a lot for the ward, community, and more. She's so awesome and we had a great time talking with her. She wants to develop that faith to find again and I'm all for it. 

Then of General Conference, need I say more. It was fantastic and my favorite session was Saturday morning, yet Sunday evening is coming in close. President Nelson's talk on contention really got me and so I'm making new goals to have a more positive outlook towards others, no matter what they do or how they act. Jesus Christ is my example. 

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