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Elder Balzer - 3/20/2023

Happy St. Patrick's day and to celebrate we got to help set up and be apart of a stake primary carnival event. It was so much fun. I was in charge of the races while everyone else was taking care of archery. 

The best part was that I was here last year when they had this exact same event. Since I was trained in Huntley Meadows A. Everyone always want to come back to the area they were trained in and I'm blessed enough to be next door. 

Also since ot was the holiday people were antsy about the green. The subject line cames from two girls who were corning people in a hallway in this community center asking where their green was at; I had to pull Chandler out, but we've been laughing about that everyday. 

For the rest of the week and I'm going to start with the highlights and the biggest highlight was Nelly; whoa 🐎 Nelly. We had just had a member meal and let me tell you never go into a tongan members home expecting not to be fed cause I made the foolish mistake and had two dinners and it nearly got during the night; I've only experienced meat sweats a couple times and that was one. 

Anyway after that was an amazing miracle. I street contacted this one lady walking into her building and gave her a pass along card. She was genuinely interested in coming to our church and so we gave her all the information and got a ride set up. She called us the next day using our number on the card cause she didn't have a phone and confirmed with us. Then she came to church and wants to keep coming back. It's awesome amd we're going to start teaching her soon. 

We've had some cool moments with reconnecting with people who've met with missionaries. One was a cool guy who got so interested he dropped the gun he was holding on the other side of the door. It kind of an awkward meeting, besides the gun, because he was genuinely interested and neither of us expected that. So now he's reading of the website, he didn't have a book, but that didn't stop him. 

The ward is being awesome in helping our efforts and making great game plans with us on how we all can best progress these people. Our meetings have really turned up now that we have people who are being worked with. They've been waiting for moments like thus for months. 

On top of that has been awesome member visits and cool experiences with that. The Butikofer kids had some amazing questions about the Plan of Salvation. 

Another was going over to the Burkarts and meeting super cool Nazif. He's worked with missionaries before and our caller ID is Brother Mormon, haha. He speaks several languages and spends his time as a truck driver. 

We've also been helping the Russell's with service throughout the week and it's been really nice helping others. One of them almost became a ward service cause several others were there as well helping. 

Now for little cool things was this lady and her son putting stuff in their car. We offered help and she thanked us and offered this recliner chair. It was awesome and she wrote our names on a paper and gave it. There have been a lot of tender mercies coming our way this week. Elder Chandler and I are just a wacky team and we're having a great time. He's enjoying being in this area cause there's people to teach and talk to. He's also picked up yo-yoing and does that while walking, but it snapped a couple nights ago and he just turned and said he's been yo-ing to hard, haha. 

Also I forgot to mention this, but at the beginning of last transfer we had get to know you questions for the zone. It was what we would want to be famous for and my answer was underwater shark 🦈  wrestling. Yeah it's pretty extreme and dangerous, but I'm cool like that and someone's gotta start it you know. It took a little bit a time, but my career is starting to take off and I got my first victim. Aquaman has been real quiet lately and it better stay that way if he knows what's good for him.

I also found the super rare and famous Goopmill store. 

Also I have no idea how we past home from transfers cause we carried 5 Elders and a lot of there stuff. It was over a thousand pounds at least. 

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