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Elder Balzer - 3/27/2023

We actually got robbed. No joke, someone walked into our apartment went through our stuff, swiped easily grabbed stuff like my watch and his cash, took our trash, then left. We're about to report this to the office, but not much may be done now that the crime seen was contaminated and there aren't many cameras. All that's left is our word, and a pair of mysterious keys. We also left our door unlocked, huts that's a habit cause we live in a lock out building. Yet there is a sneaky way into the 5th floor which is what we are on. Now I sleep with my glasses and sword next to my bed, just in case.

It didn't get better when that night Chandler got super sick and we were home all day Sunday and even today. I still manged to get to church for an hour by asking the other Elders to swap.

So now here I stand between an unseen threat and a sick/defenseless companion. My backs against the wall, but I'm armed and ain't going down without a fight. I'm going straight to Valhalla.

We've had a lot of service this week with helping the Russell's with their yard, and helping the Ellis's get to the doctor. I didn't know how annoying those little spiky gum ball plants were until I had to rake a whole yard of them. I also didn't think I could get Frank down that ramp, it literally took everything I had to stop him from flying down. I didn't think I had to surpass limits to get this over 300 pound 70ish year old man to the doctors.

Then that same day we listen to another Elderly member couple tell stories of following promptings(not doing so vould cost you an eye) and sharing their beliefs with others. They are in their 90s and bro Rigby is out competing in disk golf tournament and being world champion.

We had back to back zone conference and interviews which were amazing. I have been studilying up and focusing on spiritual guidance for the past couple weeks and it was covered during these.

Promptings are always visible or noticeable. Because of the covenants I've made I live by revelation, which is a whole new way of looking at things. I have to clear myself of distractions and focus. While also being still and silent to really be able to listen. Noise is the ultimate counter to spiritual guidance.

Next we met with Sister Mary Brooke and that was a bit of an experience and long story short; trauma, anger, bad experiences, sadness, loss of faith, loves to study scripture and religion, bad back again, 75% bad, no filter, yet is trying deep down amd apologized later on to us.

Poor Bro Drake who joined us for this visit, but he was okay with it and will try to stop by with his wife every now and then for ministering.

Lastly we had an impromptu exchange on Thursday with the ZLs and it started off super strange. There was a bad accident involving a fire truck on Route 1 next to our apartment and the stree was shut down. They got stuck in traffic for the first hour, brutal.

The rest went well. Bowles and I chatted so we could get to know each other before going to teach Nelly. While the others were getting let in for a Ramadan dinner that my have poisoned them, haha.

The rest is in the journal, now I'm back to lounging around and either reading or writing. I'm not complaining, I get time to go back to my stories I started writing over 6 months ago. Plus I've been sick before on the mission, a couple times, and I know how it feels.

Oh I almost forgot. I got to be a witness for a wedding, it was Tuesday night during the Book of Mormon study. Our stake president pulled us aside to be a part of the ceremony and it was so beautiful. You never know what could happen on the mission.

We also may have done a lot thigs with mint extract. That stuff burns worse than the one chip challenge. We may have also spiked our lemonade with it. That stuff also burns and that fire is minty fresh.

Elder Chandler also made these delicious brown butter coconut cookies and we gave some to Rachael. The cookie gifter may have terrified her by banging the door, but she enjoyed the surprise.

I'm looking forward to general conference this weekend.

I've done it, I made it to the top charts. 

I'm on church news, it may not be the best picture, but I'm there. It was the story of President Ballard coming to the DC area. 

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