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Elder Balzer - 4/10/2023

Last week saw the beginning of the ultimate series of adventures, the sick saga. Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon was by far the longest, most mind numbing experience I've faced. Elder Chandler got something and so he was just laying while I had my couch corner. A lot of reading and writing, a lot of it. 

We did get out on Thursday and started working again and immediately started working with Nelly. Nelly has been doing great, she got her own phone and called us so that we would have her number which was so cool. We set up a pass off lesson with her though to see what language would be better and she just took off with Spanish so we gave her to them. She's doing 50 thousand times better now. She'll get baptized soon, I just know it. It's sad to pass them off, but if you love them you let them go. I'm just blessed to have been the means for her happiness. 

The only other big events of the week was an exchange with Huntley Meadows cause Elder Turner got sick so we left both sickys at the apartment. We had an awesome lesson and gave a BOM out to someone who had talked to missionaries in the past. 

Finally we had Easter Sunday. Happy Easter everyone! 🐣 🐇 

We had some great meals, but what made it the super cool was the three services we attended in the morning. We were up at 6am to attend a multi faith community Easter sunrise service. There was all kinds of music, hallelujah 🙌 🎶 

Then we went to ours and Fort Belvoirs church services for a double doss of sacrament along with doubling up on some resurrection of Christ. 

The climax of it all was that Saturday night someone texted us after 9pm saying they want to come to church, WHAT! We set up rides for them thanks to our Celestial members the Kioas. It was a mom and her son and they enjoyed it, well the mom did at least. Her son is a teenager and looked like he wanted to kill me and use my corpse to end it all, but then he smiled after thanks to our members. 

There were 36 people that came that don't usually come or aren't members and that awesome. Go team!

Later that day we got in touch with a good number of people and had some really good conversations. Okay one was more interesting cause it went from gospel, to salsa to Jurrasic Park, to government stuff it was wild. 

It's been a crazy week with a lot of different experiences, but I'm loving it. Happy Easter to all and to all a good day!

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