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Elder Balzer - 5/22/2023

Cool story to start off with is meeting Bro Edwards last monday night and read 3 Nephi 20 which is about spreading and gathering Isreal. We were outside for this lesson amd next to a big flower pot that we three then planted flower seeds in, leaving a living legacy. I get to come back amd see the impacted I've made and feel that same spirit from that night. 

Tuesday was crazy cause as we were working the fordson rd area there were gunshots across the street. Someone unloaded a whole clip and within a minute sirens were going off. This happened as were looking at this old graveyard for the Peake family that lived in this Gumsprings area during the revolutionary war times. 

Wednesday was pretty simple except for this cool farmers market that happens every week on this day. It was really nice and there was this cool trumpet guy playing in the center. If I had cash to burn, I would do some shopping there. 

There may be some possibility of a stand of our own there in the future. 

Thursday we got to help the good old Ellis's again with the doctors and it's a riot as always cause those two are insane, but each in a different way. It's a real pinky and the brain situation in a sense. I also gave Frank a haircut, yes I can cut hair now. Let me clarify, I can cut/shave hair, not necessarily style hair. 

This was also a day I was having the spirit really guide me cause I felt that we should stop by the Kirbys and it was perfect timing cause he needed a blessing and some service. Then as we worked this neighborhood, before meeting bishop, the last door just screamed at me to be knocked and it was a family that loved missionaries and had some really cool experiences with them. There record was also about to be deleted, but now it's saved and we'll see what we can do here. 

Friday we studied down by the beautiful river and later we got to have another fun opportunity to try something, painting. Yep, for our united community service we got together as a district and painted the walls of the building. I want to be that guy in the group that may not be a master at a particular craft, but he'll be there for anything you need and will always try. 

Then we had an exchange where I went with Elder Wheeler and for a good church of it we just talked about stuff going on. It was there that I realized two big weaknesses that I need to work on both for the mission and just life, tow things that the mission has helped me learn and work towards. Learning to just let go of crap and not bottling up emotion. I may be a slightly emotional person who also wants to be the strong guy who can handle everything silently, yeah those two traits don't mix. So I'm overcoming them and for the rest of the week it's been amazing. 

Also I'm working less about the area not progressing anyone cause with faith that just takes time. I'll do my job and Heavenly Father will take care of the rest. 

Saturday was crazy with an insane service of cleaning out Kirbys attic. I got up there and just crawled around the filth while his brother maned a lift to take things down. The Huntley Elders joined us and we all took showers after. I swear something else was up there with us, it scares me. 

We went down to give the Spanish Elders a blessing as well cause one wasn't feeling well. 

I got to meet with Bro Bull and get the last of my schooling/career plan figured out cause he's in the same general line of work. He was also moving permanently after this week so we caught him just in time.

I followed another prompting which allowed this nice Indian family to get some help through the resource center. It's all we could do, but it's something. Then we picked up the Elders so they didn't have to bike in a rainstorm. 

Sunday was unique, cause past church, reading with the Ellis's, and having dinner with the Faracos. We got to drive the Elders up to the stake center then just worked in Kingstownes area till we got them. It was a day of random places and random work.

Today was also our district activity and we had fun with volleyball, spikeball, and pickleball.

What I mean by the title as well is that we have no friends, potentials, or interesteds at the moment so we have no where to got, but up. 

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