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Elder Balzer - 5/15/2023

This week has been the hardest I've worked so far on the mission. I'm needing to recharge at home now cause if how ramped up things have gotten. It's all because of Zone Conference where we have improved street contacting and re-emphasized talking to everyone. We're racking in crazy numbers now consistently. Around 40 and 50 with us hitting over 200 on a super fun exchange. Zone conference gave us a lot to think about and work with and I made sure to write it down in the notes. Its fishing season now and we're casting a wider net when finding, making more friends, but sifting them out quickly and even deleting usless dots(thats been fun and now i have a lust for it, to the chopping block they go, haha, bring out the guillotine).  

Yeah one of those videos was of Elder Bowles on King St; the Crankshaws mic'd them up and filmed them from a distance as they piloted this new method. The other was this staged New York one, with missionaries walking in circles, but you can't tell. Those hats were the perfect disguise. 

That was our Wednesday and what made it better was having a feast with the Kioa's. On the way we were implementing ZC and started splitting and teaching, it was cool. Shows my experience that in able to do this now compared to a year ago. Monday Tuesday we're slower days with nothing really exciting happening. 

Thursday was wild cause our interviews got canceled for some unknown reason and so we had last minute district council. We mostly talked about ZC which makes sense and did more of the cool live street contacting roles plays from it as well. 

We gave up our car(a common trend this week) and walked during out evening to work in the 🟨 ⏹️ 🟥. Talked to a lot of people and started purging areabook. 

The Elders came over to our apartment late during the night to drop off Wheeler cause he was going to trio with us for Friday while the others did the same. We talked a lot that night. 

 Friday was our exchange day with elder Wheeler joining us and our fun trio and it was just awesome we had worked in our area for the morning in the afternoon going to the square to Walmart walking route one and in the process talking to a ton of people we talked to over a 100 people and just the morning in the afternoon.  I also forgot to say in the morning we worked in the Bellevue area on the Mount Vernon trail next to the river.  I started talking to this guy who was working on his car and turns out he had a relative who was a member of the church as well so we had a really cool conversation and just a moment of it could be anyone anywhere but a lot of people just have a relationship with the church in some way and you'll never know where you'll find them that's why it's so important to talk to everyone because everyone's been prepared in some way and their own time and it's just a story that everyone has that's yet to be told and we just have to find it and help them read it.  During our small breaks we had a lot of fun together having fun question games one was a fun couple's game to see how well we knew each other and it was just really cool being with all the way there again it always is but having this fun trio is always just crazy and it's just so much fun.  In the evening though everything got turned up to past a 100% cause we 1st went to a member who was moving in their ward and got some stuff but after we then went to king street.  King street is insane just filled with thousands upon thousands of people because it's this big tourist attraction in long strip mall and it was very nostalgic because it was just like Main Street down by the beach where I'm from so there's a lot of almost being at home it even had a Harbor at the end of it and you could just kind of smell the Just that waterfront smell it was really amazing but there's just so much to see so much to do and we had a cool system of talking to people with the 3 of us are just going with the flow of traffic in a sense but we talked to over a 100 probably over a 150 people in just an hour but we were there.  We had a couple cool teaching moments there and it just was really cool to have this experience under the belt and it just kind of see it and live it cause this is talking to everyone and well we may not have something like that in our area it showed us what we could do with some of the places we have and what I can do with some places I have or able to work with.  Those was a really cool moment writing about it in my journal was a few months into the mission I was terrified and almost couldn't talk to anyone and it almost drove me home, but now here I am talking to hundreds of people and I'm just so excited about it he gets me so amped up and I want nothing more than to just do this to see some cool miracles happen. 

Saturday and Sunday were slower, but we made good work of it. There was a super cool miracle that happened Friday as we were walking out for the afternoon. We started talking with this guy who had just talked with the Huntley Elders.  So we started teaching him tmessage of the book of mormon and just the restoration the importance of church and he shared a lot of his experiences hes gone through and the hard time is going through right now and it's just a really spiritual moment and opportunity for us and we gave him a book of mormon we mark a couple chapters for him to read after reading a couple verses with him From a few different voices and as we were doing this right before we set up an appointment with them the elders actually walked up behind us so there was 4 missionaries there talking with Jose and it was just so awesome they hadn't even made him a person yet but we after this we did and we walked away with him like he just was walking in our direction and he actually helped us street contact a guy Who spoke Spanish and he got his information for us and it was just really cool to see this miracle moment of all of us being here for this man who really needed us and ran into all of us and then which is now helping us in our work that has almost a 3rd missionary for a little bit it was really cool. 

 Those are basically the big moments like most of them I think I covered it the highlights anyway and I've also discovered I can use speech to text with my little microphone and And it is so much easier to write out these long emails cause I can just talk it all out and it's a lot easier the flow may not be as well maybe the flow says good no no I'm kind of just having a casual conversation and it's just writing it out I'm fixing some things but yeah it's kind of working. 

 Last things are during this week I hit 500 days on the mission and we also had Mother's Day yesterday so I just wanted to say happy Mother's Day to my mom who I love so so so so much and you and I already told her this yesterday I wanted to just write out the email as well to just show everyone tawa amazing she is and how much she means the world to me. We also saw this police bike group go by with with huge escort, for a couple day in different spots. Also a sad moment was that on Tuesady we spent a lot of time trying to clean the car for zone conference, because the three best get a prize. I tried everything I could and even straight up took some buckets a cleaned that baby after 9pm for a while to clean her up. All that and we didn't win and to make it worst, the best prize was a box of cereal. No matter what, I was going to lose from the start it seems

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