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Elder Balzer - 7/31/2023

Yeah so Saturday the mother of all storms rolled through the area high super high hurricane winds and lightning. We were luckily inside during it, but it got close. So many trees were knocked down along with traffic lights, building parts, and wires. It was all crazy! 

We got to ride through the war torn town to have a few lessons amd trees were down all over blocking the paths. We pushed through, and had an awesome lesson with our new friend Joash who is on date to be baptized on August 11th. All those mountains of hills we were it to meet him. 

Riding back and looking over the city lights with the storm over it; thinking it's all symbolic cause I'm here now. The real storm. 

The weather has been crazy. A heat wave came in and just about melted us. 🫠 

We had to take breaks cause we were just dripping with sweat, literally dripping. Trying to find places with AC to save ourselves. Whicker got it worse cause hes from Alaska and is not used to heat at all. Poor guy. 

It's been busy and nice here. I've gotten kinda lazy on writing, but trust me crazy things ate happening all over. We had 6 people come to church and it was the most I've ever had. 

So yeah, I'm still alive and I'm just rocking out over here. 

Love ya. ❤️ 

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