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Elder Balzer - 7/10/2023

Another week bites the dust and I'm back to writing about some of it again. I'm currently in a super comfy burrito blanket and I don't want to lose this opportunity to rest my weary bones, so let's get started. 

Grashia has been doing great and her baptism is getting all planned out with everything being put together. The whole ward team is super excited that we are having this cause it's been 7 months since the last baptism. 

She's been having a lot of lessons and meeting a lot of members; she's being fellowshipped very well and that's good cause we won't always be around and she can't just rely on the missionaries. 

We also cured her crazy and got to the whole iceberg that was her problem and just shattered it like the unsinkable Titanic. It revolved around injustice, but I helped her realize that it's out of our hands and God will take care of everything. It took a lot of stories, scriptures, real talk, and more, but it worked and through the tears it was done. 

There's been a lot of cool miracles this week and it's been a week where I found personally that God really knows me. I've been tired and sweating a waterfall working everyday here to find more people to teach, but there hasn't been a lot of people found and some things have been falling through. So 4th of July came and we missed the breakfast and it was such a little thing, but it was the straw that broke this sweaty camel. So I wanted to just sit in the chapel for a minute and just think, breathe, and pray. It was amazing and I got the spirit back and right when I walk out the phone goes off; it was the Bishop saying someone was outside and wanted to talk. We run out and it was someone from North Carolina and he needed help moving some things, we were the only ones there and so we could help him and he was very thankful and said he couldn't do it without us. We then got pointed down the road to a cool festival at a pool and we're sitting/planning when right when we were leaving a another car pulls up and two ladies needed help with a carseat. Had to use my absolutely massive muscles and pulled out a backpack that was stuck and they were so thankful they got us lunch. That was when I realized cause the thing I live the most is service, second is being in the right place at the right time. Both happened and I know it was a gift to show me it's okay and that He cares. 

A day later there was a cool miracle and going right to a member family cause I felt that we needed to and they were down the street. We showed up after their son had a faith crisis and mental breakdown. So we talked with them for a while and bore super testimony and it was then that all the things that I've heard that revolve around this came to my mind. Thank you Holy Ghost!

Then we gave them both blessings and went over again for service. It was another act of for them and me. When you help others, it really helps you as well. 

There's been great member work with new members moving in and an ex member being found. The ex member had us over for dinner and we learned her story and helped her out, she was very thankful and now the ward has her on the radar. We just randomly found her as well, she just happens to live in the worst area ever and if it blew up tomorrow I would only shed a single tear. 

We've helped brother Edwards cause we were finally able to meet with him. He's gone through a lot of crap recently and opened up. Long story short he's gonna get better before he may leave for Utah in August. He's gonna be active again to, so yay. 

I've been going to all new streets, cause I'm tired of the same places after 6 months. It's been fun and there's been a lot of adventures. Today we just went mansion knocking, super nice. 

Well that's about it for this email, hope you've all been well and let's get excited and pray for Grashia. I also got a new mug from Evelyn along with a nickname, Huge. So now I drink from a mug with my face knowing I'm Helpful Huge. It fits with all the service. 

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