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Elder Balzer - 7/24/2023

Well dang, my time in Mt Vernon has finally come to an end. I'm sad to go after so much time there, but I leave with no regrets after having done all that I've needed to do here in both the area and zone. This was the area where I've gained a testimony on how God knows me, following promptings, battling crazy on all fronts, service, and being in the right place at the right time. So much, and I'm happy, and a little scared because I'm leaving the area to Hiner and a brand spanking new missionary. 

They finally kicked me out and sent me to Arlington, in the Arlington 2nd. It's the biggest area I've had and by far the coolest one ever. It's the big city mixed with big parks, towns and suburbs. It's all just so cool. I was given a tour the last couple days, I guess the only days I've been here so far, and saw the real good sights. There's a place called the view of DC and it's a high rise building that overlooks the whole area, Alexandria, and DC. My jaw is just dropped at all times. 

Then there's my new comp Elder Whicker. He's super awesome and we've just been smiling and laughing together since our first hour together. He's from Keni(spelt wrong IK, but maps isnt working). It's south of Anchorage, Alaska. Yeah Alaska, it's sweet, amd I've been making a tone of Brother Bear references. Everything here is new from the place to the weather to the animals. 

Since I've been here he's been a lot happier too cause his last comp and hin didn't get along and the area hasn't been too hot. Everything's turned around though and we've been swimming in miracles. People have been reactivated and new friends have been made. It's been awesome just working and serving together; it doesn't matter what we do as long as it's something and we do it together, that's my new motto.

I'm also back on the bike again, despite my hands being terrified. The first day nearly killed me, but I've been acclimating. Deep down I've wanted my thunder thighs back amd all these hills are going to help with that, and there are a lot of hills. 

Once last cool moment of the week was Bruce reaching out to me cause he asked where I ended up and heard I was in Arlington. So he rode up to have lunch with us and it was incredible having the chance to talk with him again and to hear his stories. I love him so much. 

So yeah, I'm excited, tired/sweaty, and hopeful of a great transfer. 

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