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Elder Balzer - 6/19/2023

Good Morning, 

I'm gonna start with the greatest miracle. I've seen for the mountain Vernon area since I've been here and that's getting a couple people to church this Sunday and it was incredible that was. The one goal I wanted for sure for us. It took a lot to make it happen and it all happened on Saturday when we got Got a message in the morning from Gracia asking us to call and talk with us because she needed help so we called. She said it was an emergency and a matter of life-and-death so after a lot of back-and-forth. Driving to the church and back do the miscommunication and getting a couple other members to join we were able to teach Her the restoration and helped her to understand why she kept being Is led back to our church even when she is invited to others. Long story short it was a cavalcade of crap and I don't even know what the French Toast even happened, but it all worked out and she got a blessing and came to church with her son and will come again. She will be taught and baptized, I've been thinking of her and how I can teach her for months and now I finally got the opportunity and I won't waste it. 

The started crazy with that the got good with us building a gazebo, partly, for the Osipchaks. 

That day was made even better by getting a ride from some nice gentleman who I talked with before, he also tried to concert us which was super funny, but he was really nice and offered dinner. I would have taken it, but we had plans to go with the other elders to a youth spaghetti 🍝  dinner event. 

Then the cherry on top was getting to film us in the work cause our mission is making a movie. A day in the life of a missionary. I can't wait till it's made, it's gonna be so funny. 

Sunday(Im working backwards i guess), was great meeting with the Ellis and giving the sacrament while also having a power lesson on the Atonement. Shirley was having a tough time cause she was really upset that she's been having trouble driving home and I was using that as an analogy of getting back to heaven, but getting lost along the way, luckily Christ pits us back on track. 

There was another nice gentleman who walked up and gave us cookies saying how much he appreciated missionaries. 

Also Happy Father's Day everyone! It was great getting to tell all the ward fathers that and making Facebook posts for my awesome Dad. Then getting to tell him later at night was even better. 

Friday was a big walking day starting with the river, taking now my third companion through the marsh trail and it's more beautiful every time. 

We also got another miracle referral and set them up for church. 

We have just been swimming in referrals and it's been so miraculous. I'm on cloud 9. 

Thursday was our first day really having g lessons and it was with our recent converts, the ones still in the area and not in hiding. We also had new ward missionary, Brother Saipai'ia join us and he's been so amazing, Now I'm inviting him whenever I can. 

Wednesday was back to ReStore, we prayed for safety cause sledgehammers hate Elison and I. Luckily no one got hurt and because of that we got lunch at the Skrimp Shack, we Skrimping here 🦐

Tuesday was mainly a finding day, but we did meet this awesome Ghanaian man and sent him to the Sisters. 

The one car picture was just my dream parked on the side of the road, a Camero and a Hummer, simply breathtaking. Also more pictures of me, looking phenomenal, to bless your week.

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