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Elder Balzer - 11/6/2023

We've been getting a ton of referrals lately and have also been giving out the people we find her. Some really cool people too, but it's for the best to send them to others who can do even better with them. 

There hasn't been any major update this week nor has there been anything super serious, which is nice. I like a peaceful week going by. Other than fun service moments with a racial security meeting and hiding from the zone leaders in a Burlington coat factory. You know the usual wacky hijinks. 

The only big events we're our missionary conference and having to go to the dentist on Saturday to fix a broken tooth(not fun). 

The conference was really really good. It has a different feeling now with it being my last one. Seeing all my friends and it's always during reunions that all the good memories start flooding back into your mind. It's almost got a bit of nostalgia being with them again. In the grand scheme of things we haven't been apart long, but on the mission a couple months can feel like an eternity. 

The messages from conference that I pulled were for my life's mission and I love that feeling. I bore my testimony about the sacrifice we and so many others make and how it brings forth so many blessings. 

That great moment lasted until that night when my tooth broke as I was eating dinner. 🙃 So I called it in and it luckily wasn't too serious, and thankfully I was able to get an appointment scheduled for Saturday morning. 

I thought I could escape the dentist, but oh how wrong I was. You can runaway across the country and they'll still get you. 

They did great work though and it's getting better by the day. It was luckily only an old filling, so they completely replaced it. I also got some x-rays and some good advice to get my wisdom teeth out. Yeah that'll wait to after the mission cause that's going to be a whole thing. 

Now comes the big realization that I only have one more email to write. That's it, and it's a pretty scary thought. Some of the emails on the list don't even work anymore. My time as Elder Balzer is almost coming to a close, but I'm not worried. I used to be a nobody in a way, but now I've made a mark on the lives of many. Lifelong and even eternal bonds. It reminds me of a great quote and bonus points if you can guess where it's from. 

"Heroes are remembered, but Legends never die"

I can certainly say that my name isn't going away any time soon. Oh no, it's just the beginning! 

Now for fun pictures :

- I found this house with Christmas lights up and I thought the was awesome. To me it's never to early cause Christmas is all year. That's coming from the southern California kid who doesn't have seasons. Haha. 

- my dental x-ray

- The best thing ever. They had this T-rex statue outside the conference church building in a pumpkin patch. So naturally of cause I had to go get a picture with it. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. #DinosaursRock

- I love Virginia 

- What I tell satan everyday cause he's a chump. 

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