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Elder Balzer - 10/30/2023

Not much happened this week. There's been a plague going around and we finally got it. So I was out for a few days then it spread to my comp when I was getting better. It wasn't until Sunday that we were both fully good. Having the time to rest wasn't so bad, but I'm gonna try to make up for it a little cause I only have a little bit left and I can rest all day at home. 

The weekend had some really cool events with our wards Halloween party and the primary program sang on that following sunday. 

I might not have wrote about this, but the sisters and us got in front of the primary to ask them to invite their friends to the program last Sunday. Well they started to roast us and boo us off the stage while saying no to the invites. It was the hardest crowd I've ever met. I don't know what these kids are being though at home, but the teachers felt bad and starting talking us up so now it's getting better, but it's still so funny. 

After the primary program we met with all the young men and women in the second hour to talk about missionary work. We broke off into groups after sharing testimonies and did a little Q&A. It was mostly good for all of us, with just some hiccups here and there. 

I had the priests and it was like pulling teeth to get something, Jeez. My respect for those in charge of them just went up. 

Well it was still a good week regardless and today was extra special cause it's my birthday and I got to have a party with the whole district! We made sushi, had pie, played games, and it was just so much fun. I love them all! 

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