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Youth Conference Avery J. 3/13/22

Today I was asked to speak on youth conference. So we went to youth conference from Friday night to Monday afternoon. We went sledding, went on hikes and spent plenty of time at the cabin. While there were a lot of fun activities, there were also lots of spiritual moments, and devotionals. The devotionals ranged from talking about kindness, to the temple, to missions. Though all the devotionals were amazing Sister Holloways really stood out to me, and it was a really great activity and I think it helped all the youth realize what a great youth family we have. I really enjoyed hanging out at the cabin with all the youth and youth leaders. We had a lot of great music sessions, and had a great time just chilling with each other. So we arrived Saturday night and really didn’t do much that night but eat pizza and chill. The next morning saturday we went sledding, we went to 2 different places, sled hill, and a little spot next to the girls cabin, then we went back to the cabin, later that afternoon we went to Arrowhead lake and some of the girls, Bishop, brother jones, and brother orgill did the polar plunge, and then some very nice people from the hotel right next to the lake, let us go in their hottub and the boys played in the hotel game room. On Sunday we were able to go to the Golden Rule Church building, it was a great ward and we were able to all be in the same Sunday school class and learn about the sacrifice of Issac, and how the lord saved him. After that we went on a hike and then went back to the cabin. While at the cabin one of the leaders of camp hinkley came in and invited us to go and check out the camp since no one was there at that moment, so we all drove down there and played ping-pong, 3 flags up, soccer, ect. On monday we just all packed up and started the long car ride home. Overall I really enjoyed going to the youth conference and it was a really good experience both spiritually and physically. We were all able to really get to know the youth of the ward and connect with them. I'd like to share my testimony that I know the church is true and that we have a true living prophet. I also know that if we listen to the church leader’s guidance we can all be safe and return to heaven and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.



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