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Sorry we Close at 5

What a great week!!

First I'll get it out of the way... we got transfer news and I'm being kicked out :( Which is SO sad because (shoutout Sister Smith) I loooove my companion. Best friend I guess or whatever.

I'm going to the Hill Country Zone! My new companion's name is Sister Goff, and we're opening a new area, meaning no sisters were there before us. Meaning there is no one to teach. Meaning we're starting from scratch. Kinda spooky but you gotta do what you gotta do.

On Tuesday we had exchanges, and me and Sister Parker partied it up in the area. We had a ton of lessons that went well !! We taught this one woman Emily who basically said that makes so much sense!" after everything we taught. Last time I checked, someone who said it makes sense that God and Jesus Christ appeared in person to a 14 year-old boy after their first time hearing it, didn't exist. Well I found her! She's in 3rd ward!!

We have another set of shining stars of investigators named Rebecca and Valerie. They're so amazing. And they both want to get baptized!! Sister Smith and I are hopefully going to put them on date for a baptism before I leave. Exciting stuff! And I'm leaving!

We got bashed on how our website isn't set up properly. Apparently it's "too focused on Christ."

A woman fed us a FULL Thanksgiving dinner for lunch. It was so bad. She expected me to go to a dinner appointment after that????? MAJOR food baby.

Yesterday we met the most AMAZING guy!! His name is Vernon, and he basically walked into our teaching pool. Well, he walked into church, but it was at like 4:45, long after everyone was gone. (This is why the subject is titled the way it is... he said he wanted to get to the church before it closed at 5. Little does he know the gospel is NONSTOP ) Except he ran into the Elders Quorum president, who got us over there to teach him!! He's been looking for a lot in his life, and wants a relationship with God. Good thing that's EXACTLY what we do!!!!! He said every time he needed God, the missionaries showed up, and he decided to finally work on his spirituality in his life. So excited to see how it goes with him!

Prayer roll:


Rebecca and Valerie



Sisters Roberts and Goff

I LOVE being a missionary!! Witnessing how perfect the gospel is for such a wide variety of people is amazing. I was in a woman's house with rats in the garage, and then went to a mom running away from an abusive husband, to a family who seems to have it all together, and I taught them the SAME EXACT MESSAGE. The gospel of Jesus Christ is for EVERYONE. If you think you're an exception, prove me wrong with an email pretty please :)

Thank you for making it to the end, or scrolling to the end for the pics! At least you're here for somethin! Love y'all

Sister Roberts

Last Monday we had a cascarones fight with the Madrid's x2

Diana's Thanksgiving feast


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