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Sister Roberts - 4/11/2022

Okay okay here we go!!

Everyone is celebrating Fiesta right now and have decorations everywhere. It's the cutest thing!!

It was actually kind of a boring week, but there are always a few highlights!

We were street contacting and met this lady. We said allllll the wrong things with her. I was like, "Hello! We've been coming around talking about Jesus Christ with people, especially with Easter around the corner! Is that something you would be interested in?"

Her: Jesus is all over this house already. Also, we don't celebrate Easter because it's a Pagan tradition that [...]" (here she goes on a five minute rant about not celebrating Easter and so no, she does not want to talk to us)

Sister Smith: Okay, no worries! Good luck with your project! (she was sanding some wood outside)

Her: "Actually, Luck is Pagan as well. It's an Egyptian God they prayed to. So I don't believe in luck. It's God Bless."

Us: Okay ahaha uh God Bless then

Funny stuff.

We also did a district blitz (which is when my whole district gets together in one area and basicially swarms it with missionaries to find more people at once) in one neighborhood. We went on splits so I was with Sister Ribar for the hour and Sister Smith went with Sister Wilson. Sister Ribar and I knocked allll the doors and found one person, Diana! Super excited about her. We also stood on the doorstep of a Jehovah's Witness man getting bashed for a good 15 minutes. Our initial approach was sharing the Church's new Easter video (which is SO good y'all need to check it out it's called 'the Good News') and he watched it and decided he wanted to exchange videos so we watched a JW video. Interesting stuff. Definitely some different interpretations of the Bible between us, but he was a nice guy. Just talks a lot and we can't get a word in.

We had interviews with President this week, and we decided to do a walking interview, where we went into the nieghborhood next to the church just to be outside instead of in the building. Which means if people are outside, we talk to them. So President was my companion for that 15 minutes and we street contacted a guy. It was soooo stressful. And he wasn't interested. I probably blew it.

I need to tell y'all about the Foutch-Walker's dogs. We've been over a few times and I can't believe I haven't included them in my emails. We love them sometimes. They are three pugs:

1. Willie Nelson: He is SO crazy. And he smells bad. He also 100% peed on Sister Deinert's bag one time, but she didn't notice. (no one tell her)

2. Elvis: Super chill. He's a show pug. We love Elvis.

3. Johnny Cash: Easily three times bigger than the other two. This dog is a CHUNK. I'm pretty sure he weighs more than Finley.

We had three people at church!! So exciting!! Joy, Rebecca and Valerie!!! Keep them in your prayers!

We went to the gas station :) I forgot how much I missed Polar Pops and sunflower seeds.

It's finally getting warm so we did weekly planning in the sun! So cute!

Those are the highlights! Have a good week!!

Sister Roberts


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