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Sister Saylor 4/16/2022


It's felt like at least 63 days of MTC life, but I've been a missionary for 12 days! The most recent update: I'm at the in-person Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)!! There are high tech classrooms, crazy cool murals of scripture stories everywhere, and the kind of buffet food you'd eat at a Best Western.

Here are all the things you need to know:

  • I would die for my district (classmates). I kid you not.

  • We've taught four people about Jesus this week! Who he is, who God is, how to pray, etc.

  • Apparently all of the hymns I thought I knew were wrong. I hate all of my ward friends for not telling me that I combine song lyrics and make unintentional medleys between songs like I Believe in Christ & I am a Child of God.

  • SISTER STRONG & I ARE THE ZONE STLs (Sister Training Leaders. Essentially, we are the moms of all of the sister missionaries assigned to our mission zone, it's amazing). Someone needs to teach us what we're doing... @ Kayli O'brien

  • The only mission trial I've faced so far is using a Samsung phone.

With tomorrow being Easter, I hope you are ALLLLLLLLL excited to celebrate the day that us sinners no longer need to be bound to shame!! Why, some of you may be asking...? BECAUSE THE SON OF GOD CAME DOWN TO EARTH TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF ALL SIN / TRANSGRESSIONS / MISTAKES ON OUR BEHALF HALLELUJAH

Lucky for all of us, we GET to celebrate this truth every single day.

NON-MEMBER FRIENDS: if you are ever confused or curious about the experiences I am having or the lessons I am teaching, please please please let me know! Sister Strong & I are allowed to call you to clarify or even practice our teaching skills with you!! :)

Thank you, madre, for my "Easter basket," you absolutely rock xoxoxo

Shout out to the Ostermillers, love you Gwen!

Enjoy the pics,

Sister Saylor


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