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Sister Watkins - 4/10/2023

This week we talked to so many amazing people and had so many cool experiences! I don't know what I want to talk about!

We were looking for our friend ana and instead found her brother who was probably like 20. We were talking to him and he lit up a cigaret and kept talking to us. He explained that he didn't believe in god. And that he didn't see the point in beleiving in life after death. We explained to him that through christs plan and atonement we can live with our families forever. He laughed and said, "why would i want to do that?" We asked him what the most important thing in his life was and he blew smoke in my face and said, "plata" (money.) We talked to him a little longer but honestly it's hard to teach someone who doesn't believe in anything at all. something i thought was interesting is that when we aren't living our lives alligned with god or believing in him, we cant recieve or see the everlasting blessings from him. But worse we don't want to. Only through faith in him can we see life in the perspective we are supposed to. 

Last Sunday we had two amazing friends come to church! One, maria de los ángeles came and she has a baptismal date! We were so happy she came because it's a sacrificio for her. She came with her 4 year old son who has down síndrome and Hermana droguett and I wanted her to be able to pay attention to the meeting and he was feeling squirmy so we tackled him the whole meeting and tried our best to entertain him. This kid is lucky though because next Sunday I'm bringing him some gummies. 

Also a little old man who comes every Sunday we found out has never been baptized! So we were able to teach him a bit and later that week we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! 

So why is baptism important? Baptism is a turning point. It's where we enter the living waters of christ and give our life to him. We promise to follow him. And he given us his spirit. After baptism we are spiritally cleansed. It's a covenant and covenants are where we find God's power in our lives daily. 

I met this cute little old man, Lito. He recently joined the church. I asked him how he met the missionaries and he said "in my front yard! I was catholic but the hermana shook my hand really strong!" We talked a little more about his conversion and he said, "the thing that really changed for me was the feeling that I felt in the church!" We love Lito! He has 4 grandsons who we are trying to teach but the mom isn't about it. 

But after I heard about the hand shake trick I've been shaking everyone's hands! And compliments! I've been telling every woman that I see that she has beautiful eyes. And they reply and say "aye gracias!!!!" And we've been meeting alot of people like that haha. But for real. Every one we talk to i see as a child of god and they are all beautiful. They have the light of christ in thier eyes and i know heavelny father loves them so much. And weve been handing out book of Mormons like candy. And people are reading which makes me sooo happy. 

I know that through christ we are saved. He is full of grace and mercy. And he is the truth. There is no other way. Nothing can fill or heal our broken souls in the way that christ and the love of God and the spirit can. Everything in the world is temporary. But the gospel is an eternal light that every person can ultilize and apply to forgive ourselves and others and overcome sin and death. 

My comp is a silly girl and she's from Chili so lucky she already knows how to speak spanish. But somehow I still do all the talking. I finally asked her if she wanted talk more or maybe we could do 50/50. And she said, no I'm just gonna let you do it. I'm getting a little tired but what the heck at least I'm learning how to talk.she also told me that chilean girls get eaten by mosquitos more because their blood is sweet. So that's interesting. 

Have a good week everyone! 

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