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Sister Saylor Week 3


This was my district and I's last week in the Missionary Training Center to become the best stinkin missionaries for Jesus that we can possibly be - absolutely crazy!! My mind cannot comprehend all that occurred within the last seven days, but here is a summary (as usual):

  • Sister Strong and I have been able to teach SO MANY people about who Christ is / why he matters / why giving one's life to him matters! Lots and lots of practice lessons, before we're thrown into the fiery pit of missionary work on Monday.

  • There's a lot of wildlife here at the MTC - deer, ducks, rolly pollys, etc.

  • Gary E. Stevenson (a real life, modern day Apostle of the Lord) came to give us the greatest pep talk to date about serving like Jesus Christ would/does.

  • My district was selected to welcome the new missionaries who came to the MTC this past Wednesday! It's fun pretending like we are so much wiser solely based on the fact that we've been here seven days longer.

  • The elders think they're hilarious **see attached photos**

  • Sister Strong and I were given an emergency companion!! We were a trio for one day while a sister missionary waited for her flight plans to head to her mission - such a blast

Guys. The time is now. I have never been so adamant about making sure that people know their Maker. If you know the Lord, if you are lucky enough to have been taught truth, if you possess the knowledge of the doctrine of Jesus Christ - share it. Gatekeeping eternal truths out of fear or pride is not your purpose.

Someone send me Costco's chocolate covered coconut almonds, I ran out.

Sister Saylor xx


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