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Sister Saylor - 11/21/22

Transfer week!! The earth-angel Sister Holyoak has completed her service as a full-time missionary for Jesus Christ, soooo that means a new sister is heading over to Crestwood to babysit me - her name is Sister Larsen and she's a legend, get ready everyone 👏

• Got to spend some time inside the house of the Lord!

• Exchanges with Hermana Maravilla! Still waiting on Heavenly Father to swap me to Spanish speaking...

• After a whole transfer of teaching her, we finally got a picture with Becky! Kind of.

Us Digital Finding & Teaching Coordinators got to host a training for all of the missionaries who came in at the beginning of this 6 week transfer! It was a party. Afterwards, we walked around and personally introduce ourselves to each companionship. I had a blast; however, I could not get over the thought "if only I knew their name already." When Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father speak, they call us by name. For example: Exodus 3, the First Vision, Psalm 147:4. They never say "hey you!" or "Hi Sister.... *check their tag*.... Saylor!" Anyway, I am coming to know the significance of applying names to memory. Quite honestly, I cannot think of a simpler way to show a new friend that you value them. All of this to say- feel free to join me in asking the Lord for help remembering new names and faces! We DFTCs get to host a training this evening for all of the new missionaries who are currently flying in, which is the perfect opportunity to apply my new efforts. Wish me luck! 🤞

Sister Saylor

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