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Sister Roberts - 11/14/22

This was a busy week! We had a double exchange in the YSA which was so fun, a baptism, and a few miracles! Sorry this email is so long.

So in the YSA I spent Friday with Sister Jackson !! It was seriously so fun. She's awesome. The YSA sisters are in a car share so they took the car for most of the day. We were originally going to walk to UTSA campus to go talk with anyone and everyone but it started sprinkling a little bit as we were going, so we decided to go to the apartment complex across the street and tract instead. As we were going it was POURING rain. We were laughing so hard but we were seriously soaked. Anyone we tracted into just saw me looking like a wet dog outside their door trying to talk to them about Jesus. I'd be a bit confused. It was so fun! Sister Jackson is really good at making any and every situation fun.

On Saturday I was with Sister Phelon in my area, and we had a good time tracting this apartment complex. Okay so here was one of our miracles of God's timing.  So we were walking past Kay's apartment to go to someone else. Kay is someone we've been trying to have a lesson with. As we were walking past I saw a box of cigarettes on her doorstep. I just picked it up not thinking too much about it, but knowing that Kay smoked. There was over half of the cigarettes gone so I didn't feel too bad. Anyways we were downstairs knocking doors and she came down the elevator "looking for something she lost" and we chatted and let her go look around, when her pack of cigarettes was literally in my pocket. Later we saw her again and she was like "I can't find my pack of smokes!" We were like aw dang well hey while we've got you can we come by for a lesson? And she was like well okay sure fine so we did! It was a pretty good Restoration lesson, she's trying to find the truth, but we never would have had a lesson with her if I hadn't taken her pack of smokes! Dont think I'm rude please haha it turned into a miracle of running into Kay and having a good lesson! Sister Phelon is so awesome. She's an amazing teacher!!!!! Learned so much from her. 

ADAM AND RILEE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! They were in Culebra Creek when we taught them, and they were baptized this Saturday! This family is so sweet and fun, I didn't get a picture with Adam, but Rilee's mom, Tarryn wasn't able to make it so they asked us to help Rilee out with where to go and what to do, so we got to be there with her when she came out of the water! She's soooo precious, I love her to pieces. 

Last little thing! We got a phone call from the Garcia family saying they want to work towards being sealed in the temple! So we got to go over and get to know them better, I'm super excited for them!! 

Okay wait actually one more thing! There's a 6 year old in our area that pronounces cookie dough like tacquito. Yep, that's right. Say it a few times in your head, there you go, you got it, yep. Nice. Cookie dough. 

This was a really good week, and this week we have transfers! We find out our news on Wednesday, so yall actually get to find out next Monday, sorry about it, I dont make the rules 🤷‍♀️ Catch you next transfer! Have a good week :)

❤❤Sister Roberts

Christmas is coming!!!🎅

Rilee: a series 

Me and Sister Jackson 🛀🧖‍♀️

Kay makes dog collars and sent us a pic

Our Bishop was in the 30 year vocal point reunion 👑

Sister Richardson 🤩

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