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Sister Roberts - Week 11

Sent home to the church in Huntington Beach

I continue to grow my count of boyfriends on the mission. This one's name is Ethan Salsbury, and he is 4 years old. He also has the strongest bowl cut I have ever seen. The kid's a tank. During dinner, he would get up and grab a yoga ball and basically roll it at me as fast as he could and then run and stop it before it hit me. Then, he would turn and say, "Are you so proud of me?" Naturally, I would respond with, "Yes I am so proud of you!!" After the first time though he turned and gave me the biggest smile. It was soooo cute! After a few more times of saving me from the yoga ball he just stood next to me at the table and put his arm in mine, laid his head on my arm and said, "You're my girl." So much competition!! How am I to choose an eligible suitor? For now, I will be Sister Salsbury.

Our pass-along competition ended this week! We had the elders down to the wire- but as a district we passed out 217 total, with us sisters passing out 106. That means that the elders combined beat us by 5, whatever. Free lunch anyways! That's a pretty incredible amount of pass-along cards (and some pamphlets and an occasional Book of Mormon) to give out in 6 days!! Pretty awesome stuff. It taught me that invitations can be so easy! It doesn't always have to be asking someone to read the entire Book of Mormon before you meet with them next, it could be putting a picture of Christ somewhere that will remind you to pray. Anything that brings someone closer to Christ is a successful invitation, and y'all can do it too!! That's a challenge for this week! Invite someone to come closer to Christ in a normal and natural way. Good luck!! Message me if you do it- I'd love to hear all y'all's stories!!

We went 0 for 10 this week in lessons. Everyone canceled for one reason or another (there were some pretty bad excuses) Don't you love that? But guess what???? LIFE IS STILL GOOD!! There's a plan for us, and even though it may have been a tough week, no lessons means MORE time to find, which can be such a blessing. Too bad we didn't find anyone this week. BUT we're planting seeds! I'm trying to be a more glass-half-full kind of person. I need a lot of help with that.

We also are the only sisters in the zone AND the only companionship in our district to not be quarantined. No COVID for us yet, but at this point it's a matter of when, not if. So we shall see.

Other random things to note:

- We had tacos with mustard on them. One member swears by it, and I will not lie- it's not too bad.

- We gave Pam our couch!

- Sister Stoddard made me brownies because she bet me that Bobette isn't a real name. It is.

- Alethia decided she is going to stop smoking TOMORROW!!! PLEASE pray for her!!

I think that's about it!! Have a great week :)

Sister Roberts-Salsbury.

Pictures of the week

3 Zoom selfies for 3 failed Zoom lessons

Couch is goneeeeeee

Sister Stoddard playing the organ in socks


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