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Elder Shintaku - Week 4

This past week has been pretty chillin. The week flew by so I can't really remember everything that we've been doing but here are some of the best parts.

Monday- my companion and I were both super tired so we went and watched Book of Mormon videos in the church and basically just hung out all day. It's been heating up here. But I mean that's pretty normal for here

Tuesday- we have been able to teach so many people it's awesome. I'm getting so much better at just talking with everyone even when I can't really understand a thing they're saying at times. But we were able to get another one of our friends on a baptism date. His name is Alejandro. We were teaching his mom but he wanted to come to church with us when his mom couldn't so that's sick. He wants to make time in his life for Heavenly Father and loves going to church which is kinda rare here.

Weds- was zone conference which is always super fun I got to see a lot of the other missionaries that I know and see how they've been doing. One of my friends elder Neris. (I got a pic with him) He got robbed like last week and he said that was kinda crazy. We also got some great training on just having more joy in the mission which I definitely want more of.

Thurs, Fri,- We've been teaching and finding new people every day it's sometimes hard to get a return appointment because people are either gone or can't meet for a while but we're still working hard and spreading the gospel.

Sat- Idk what to even say about Saturday a very peculiar day. We got up left the house early to help this lady clean her house. When we got there she gave us a bucket of soap and a rag to clean, but the rag was an old pair of panties soooooo that happened. But we cleaned her whole house and she fed us after which was dope. The rest of Saturday was just kinda interesting. Sadly all our lessons canceled so we just stopped by people's houses and taught them which is super good for my Spanish practice.

Sunday- president tucker and Hermana Tucker came to our branch which was kinda random but we got to spend some time talking to them which was nice.

This past month I have seen the Lord help me on the days when I feel so tired and just want to go back to the apartment and sleep. I am able to get through the day and when I wake up the next morning I'm ready and happy to be doing the lord's work.

This past week has flown by for me. I feel like I'm starting to have more joy during my day. At times I feel discouraged but I try to rely on the spirit and my companion for guidance and help. This week my companion and I were able to put another one of our friends on a baptism date which is super cool. I love to see the testimonies grow and develop from the people we are teaching. I am still trying to get my Spanish better and better every day but it's a slow process.


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