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Sister Roberts - 3/27/2023

So hi I have to tell yall that I'm going home this week so yall can have the info if you'd like to be at any of these fun things coming up !! I come home Thursday at 12pm, but I'm not speaking in church about my mission until April 23rd at 9am!!Message me if you want more details!! There may also be a broadcast ? But April 23rd is a ways away so we've got time. 

Anyways!! What an AMAZING week we had!! I dont want this email to be super long so I'll try to give you just the highlights. 

We found 8 AMAZING PEOPLE this week to teach!! In this area we've averaged of finding 2ish per week, so to find 8 was honestly such a miracle. 

We had a lesson on the phone outside the drive thru at McDonalds and some guy heard us teaching while he was waiting for his food so he parked his car after and came over to ask us questions. It was so cool!!

I got to go on exchanges back to my old area in Helotes AGAIN!!!! We got to visit my friend, Linda who was baptized while I was there, and also have dinner with one of my favorites families. It was such a sweet day.

We also found a field of bluebonnets!!!! Enjoy the cheesy photo sesh :)

We got to ride ripstiks at a members house which was such a nostalgia overload.

One more miracle! So we were trying to visit this woman Roxanne, but Sister Christensen stepped in dog poop. It took her a few minutes to get it off her shoe conpletely, so we were just outside her apartment hanging out there. Roxanne didn't answer the door, but she rushes out and goes, "I WAS IN THE SHOWER!!!! COME IN IM SO SORRY!!!" Had Sister Christensen not stepped in poo, we would have never taken the extra few minutes to wait for Roxanne to finishing rinsing her hair and throwing on a towel. It's all in God's timing 🙏

I feel like I don't have much reflection to share, that will come in my homecoming talk and I think I've shared a lot as the weeks go by, but I really loved my mission and am so grateful to God for the chance He gave me to be here ❤️

See yall Thursday!


Sister Roberts

Bluebonnet pics

THE Floore's country store 🤩


Me in Texas

All the pictures of Texas:)

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