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Sister Roberts - 3/13/2023

This was a good week! Some insanity happened, but all is well :)

Sister Christensen got to go to the temple! And somehow by stress and craziness we got to go with her! They pulled out extra chairs for us and we were all confused and stressed but hey we made it. All is well. My new friend Inez really wanted to go to the temple that day, I guess. 

Things are going well with our friends! John and his grandson Nick are so amazing! We had dinner with them this last week and it was so fun! John so badly wants to be sealed to his wife, so he's excited to be baptized. He's looking at July on his anniversary with her 🥰

ALSO!!! Ruby's baptism!!!! Is THIS week!!!!!!! Wow I'm so excited and happy for her. More to come next week!

Its finally hitting me that the end is in sight. Kind of not sure how I feel about it yet. Encino Park asled me to give a farewell talk which was like my practice run homecoming, and they literally sang "God Be With You Til We Meet Again." Like how messed up is that??? 

We've been getting to know each other in this trio on an extremely deep level, meaning we now know all of the deepest secrets including if we were to be a mermaid, fairy or princess in our next life. AND our color palettes for the associated life. It's getting serious. 

PLEASE send us more questions to ask each other, we're running out!! FOR THE SAKE OF THE TRIO PLEASE HELP US!!!

Have a good week :)


Sister Roberts!!

Lots of trio pics

We got to be the judges for the youth Iron Chef night and these kids made us raw noodles with chocolate on them for dessert.

Dinner with John and Nick !!

Texas is sooo green and so pretty I love it


Exchanges with Sister Moffat 

I think I also included a pic of tweezing Sister Farrimonds eyebrows.. if you don't see it text me I'll send it to you

Also we got a new car!! Literally 23 miles on it when I got to drive it- so I will never be driving a brand new car ever again in my life ??

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